This section provides a collection of general purpose applications that may be useful for Scientific Communities as well as of examples of reproducibility and reusability of scientific results compliant with FAIR principles.

Before to access any of these applications, users need to be registered as site member. The registration is possible through the EGI AAI federated authentication. Some applications may also require to submit a service order request via the EOSC Portal Marketplace; in such case, please register with the EGI AAI Check-In service.



This application, demonstrates how it is possible to reserve private resources to communities members just accessing the Science Gateway. This application allows to instantiate a single personal instance of th R-Studio web interface. Usage instructions are available here.


Chipster is a user-friendly analysis software for high-throughput data, this application allows to add portal user credentials and access Chipster services. Usage instructions are available here.

FAIR Science Examples

Reproducibility and reusability of Physical Activity Lifelong Modelling & Simulations

This application executes REPAST-based Physical Activity Lifelong Modelling & Simulations (PALMS) in conjunction with the new INFN Open Access Repository (INFN OAR) powered by Invenio v3 and Zenodo software. Usage instructions are available in the application page itself.